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Our Designers, formulate the perfect product for you. Keeping in mind: longevity and minimalist look as the primary attraction.From pen-paper to concept and prototype, our designs are thoroughly tested to make sure our customers enjoy our products for a lifetime.

About Our Leather


Whether it is Genuine Leather or Vegan Leather, Our curators make sure. The materials used are ethically sourced and are of the highest grade available. Maintaining consistency in quality and enhancing the shelf life of our products.


Every HOUSH bag and accessory is crafted completely by hand - without any machines - using centuries-old low energy artisan leathercraft techniques resulting in beautiful lasting quality. From putting pen to paper and sketching out thoughts, our design style is intentionally minimalist to achieve a fuss-free look that showcases the natural qualities of our premium materials and beautifully handcrafted detailing.

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